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Zumba Steps & Choreography


Megan Trainor - No Excuses

It's May 2018 and here's one of the tracks we are using in class, with some very slight tweaks to make it easier to follow. I've mainly put this up here just in case any of you want to practice the arms :

cross, down, out, down, cross, down, up.

It's hard to see their feet, which is where it all starts..... so we begin turning our hips slightly to the side and double tap our feet. 4 x opp arm out, 4 x arm swing across. Repeat. Then it's tap pulse with opp arm push near the head (mine is slightly less wiggly than on the video, as I don't want my head to fall off..... ha ha!). I do shoulder wiggles instead of finger wiggles when we walk back, but you are welcome to do either.

We are doing this in our fitness and gold classes. In our gold classes we don't open the legs out, when our 2 arms swing out, but you are welcome to do so if you wish.

If none of this makes any sense, come to a class and give it a go :D

Salsa - ZUMBA style

This video is good at showing the basic Salsa side to side step as used in Zumba.

Samba - ZUMBA style

Samba has lots of different variants and the Zumba Samba shown here is a basic (I said basic - not easy!) version of Street or Carnival Samba, as opposed to ballroom Samba. I'm not going to lie, it's not easy, but we only really use the Samba side lunge in classes at the moment, which is also shown here.