Who can do Zumba Fitness ?

My classes are suitable for people aged 10+. The moves will require full body movement, but if you suffer from any physical injuries or issues that you let me know about before the class, please let me know and I can offer you alternative moves. If you have any medical conditions, please check with your doctor that they believe it is safe for you to participate in a Zumba Fitness/Gold class. Medical conditions are (for example but not limited to) :
                            dizzy spells                           high blood pressure                               joint / back problems                                   chest pains
          heart condition                  bone or muscle problems                  pregnancy and post-pregnancy              previous or current injuries   

Please let me know about any of the above conditions or any other conditions and also let me know about any medication you are dependent on(e.g. insulin for diabetes, asthma inhaler) or if you have any allergies.

What to wear & bring

  • *** Drinking water bottle *** - you can refill with drinking water at all venues. 
  • Wear clothes that let you move freely (e.g. gym wear, jogging bottoms, leggings, shorts, t-shirt) and let your skin breathe. 
  • Trainers or baseball boots (running shoes are not ideal as they have a deep tread, which tend to stick to the floor).
  • In colder months you may wish to wear a cardigan or additional top for the first 1 or 2 songs whilst we warm our bodies up.
  • For the ladies - a supportive bra is advised, sports bra's are best.