What is ZUMBA ?

ZUMBA is a dance inspired exercise class that uses a mix of dance moves and fitness moves. But, it isn't like an exercise class in the traditional sense, because you are moving to music in a dance like way, whilst enjoying a mix of music from around the world. You don't have to know how to dance, just keep your body moving and roughly repeat what I'm doing - incorporate your own style - we all wiggle differently!

I teach ZUMBA fitness and ZUMBA gold, the latter being a low impact, slower, low intensity class, suited to those looking for an easier workout, the older generation, beginners or those new exercise or recovering from injury. We incorporate more stretching in these classes and use moves that help with flexibility and balance.

Lots of people say they have 2 left feet or are uncoordinated, but we're not aiming to appear on Strictly Come Dancing....we're working out in a way that's fun. People won't worry about what you're doing, because they're too busy concentrating on what they are doing. So come along and give it a whirl!

Why do I love Zumba ?

I get to have a boogie, some 'me' time and get fit with some fantastic people! Come and join us and you'll see what I mean. It's a fun session and we do have a giggle! Personally, I've lost some weight and wobbles (not all), regained some curves and have loads more energy.


zumba let it move you