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Community Member

Community membership is FREE. It is activated once you pay for your first community class or Pay Monthly Membership. It gives you priority invites to events (which I hope to restart in 2022) and discounts on events and equipment (e.g. toning sticks). You remain a Community Member as long as you have attended a class within 3 months.

Casual / Pay per class

* PAYG (pay as you go) - pay in cash for each class you attend just before it starts
* Pay in advance - buy Class Credits in advance by bank transfer or Paypal (including credit and debit card) - you can then use those credits to book/cancel classes online.

Zumba: Adult (18+) - £6.00, Parent & Child (10-17) : £9.00
(For Zumba - 10-15 year olds must be accompanied by a participating adult, 16-17 year olds may attend alone, but pay the adult rate if they do.)
Zumba toning (ages 16+ only) : £6.00 (no stick hire) / £6.50 (includes stick hire)


Online Class Subscribers

Choose up to 6 pre-recorded classes a day, to do in the comfort of your own home. Classes are accessible for 24 hours - so you can do them whenever you like.
Online classes : £10 a month (*£6 a month add-on for ZM-Fit, ZM-Tone or ZM-Fan members)

Community Classes Pay Monthly Memberships

Pay monthly for a space that is always reserved for you at one or more of my community class venues. Discounted rates, no need to book online or pay cash when you come, just tick the register when you arrive. Community Classes Pay Monthly Membership numbers will be limited if we start to get close to uncomfortable participant numbers in class.

zumba mad regular member
Zumba 1 venue : Adult - £18.00 monthly / Parent & Child (10-17) - £27.00 monthly

zumba mad toning regular member
Zumba toning (ages 16+) 1 venue : £18.00 monthly (no stick hire) / £19.50 monthly (includes stick hire)

zumba mad fan member
Zumba - 2 venues : £34.00 monthly, Parent & Child : contact me for options and prices
Zumba 1 venue & Zumba toning 1 venue : £34.00 monthly (no stick hire) / £35.50 monthly (includes stick hire), Parent & Child : contact me for options and prices

zumba mad star member
ALL access member - 3 venues AND online : Adult £45.00 monthly, Parent & Child : contact me for options and prices

+ add-ons

Add-on the online subscription for just £6, when you are a Regular-Fit, Regular-Tone or Zumba-Fan member.


When you take out your community class pay monthly membership, just let me know which venue (zm-fit / zm-tone members) or venues (zm-fan member) you want attach your membership to :
  • Monday 6.15pm - ZUMBA toning - Newport Pagnell Youth Club
  • Monday 8.00pm - ZUMBA - Oakgrove Secondary School, Middleton, Milton Keynes
  • Wednesday 6.45pm - ZUMBA - Lovat Hall, Newport Pagnell Baptish Church


Q : If I'm a monthly member at 1 venue, can I pay as you go at another venue if I want to come to additional class now and again ?
A : Yes! You can just pay as you go at any other venues not included in your pay monthly membership.

Q : I've already booked some classes in advance and/or have class credits left in my account, can I upgrade to a monthly membership ?
A : Yes! I'll add together your unspent credits and classes booked in advance and subtract them from the monthly fee. Then calculate your first payment and let you know when to start the recurring payments.

Terms and conditions for Monthly Memberships

(updated 4th September 2021)

First month can be paid in cash, then please set up a repeat bank payment - ask me for details. Please let me know when you start or stop the monthly bank payments by email or text, as this greatly helps my admin.
Payments are controlled by you and may be stopped by you when you wish, but please note that the discounted monthly fee has been calculated for continual payments, you can not opt in and out each month to take advantage of the discount. However, you can halt the payments temporarily due to a long-term illness or injury, then continue as before when you are ready to do so – let me know. If you want to revert back to Pay As You Go, no longer wish to continue, or wish to discuss a break in payments, please contact me.
Classes continue throughout the school holidays, but stop for 2 weeks over the Christmas / New Year period.
Bank/Public holidays - classes at Newport Pagnell Youth Club and Oakgrove Secondary School DO NOT run.
August - for 1 week in August, Lovat Hall is closed for an annual Church event.
I reserve the right to take an optional 1 week holiday once a year - you will given advanced notice.
I will do my utmost best to arrange for another instructor to cover any classes for additional absence.
If you wish to move up or down between membership levels, please contact me.