ZUMBA fitness & gold classes with Maddi

There are 6 classes available to view/stream each day (for 24 hours) : 2 x ZUMBA fitness, 2 x ZUMBA gold and 2 x ZUMBA toning classes. 10 per month for unlimited access.

[ payments made to Zumba with Maddi ]

Instructions & Link To Classes

1. Click on the link below to see links to my online classes. Look for the section 'UPCOMING VIRTUAL CLASSES'. It's on the right hand side on a larger screen, or the 3rd section down the page if you are viewing on a mobile :

>>>>> https://www.zumba.com/en-US/profile/suzanne-maddison/964161 <<<<<

2. Click on the link for the class you wish to view.

You will then either A) go straight to the online class page if you have already visited ZIN Studio OR B) have to fill out some details on your first visit.


Under 'Registration' you can select to pay for the class via Paypal and you will receive a passcode for the class.

B) NEW VISITOR to ZIN Studio :

1. You may get a pop up at the bottom of the screen and be asked to accept cookies.
2. You will get a pop up box and be asked to enter one of the following :

  • 'Sign in with Google' : enter your 'google account' login in details (if you have a google account)
  • 'Sign in with Facebook' : enter your 'facebook account' user name/email and password
  • 'Sign in with email' : enter your personal email address <---- this is probably the easiest option for most people

3. You may be asked to enter your email address, name and to create a password for the Zumba website.
4. You will then be asked if you want to Subscribe to Zumba - note you can click the cross in the top right hand corner if you don't wish to.
5. Under 'How To Pay ' press the Paypal button (if you can't see it select 'Online') and either sign in to Paypal or create an account. Once you have paid for the class you will be able to access it. If the class has not started yet, you will see a timer counting down to when the class starts or a triangle instead of a lock if the class is available to play.

Note 1: You can START watching the video anytime during the day (midnight to midnight BST).
Note 2: ZIN studio does not work in Internet Explorer/Microdoft Edge, but works fine in Google Chrome & Apple Safari.

Please read the page Before Your 1st Class.