If you would like me to cover a class because you or your regular ZUMBA Instructor is/are unavailable, or you would like more information, please get in touch. If you are an instructor and are available to cover any of my classes please let me know, so I can add you to my cover list.

Each week, I run 2 Zumba Fitness classes in the community, 4 at gyms/leisure centres and 1 corporate class for Mercedes-Benz via Freedom Fitness.  I also cover classes for the fitness centres/gyms listed below when a Zumba instructor is unable to take the class (due to illness/holiday) - sometimes at extremely short notice, plus cover classes for instructors in the community (village halls etc.). I am happy to create a specific playlist of tracks/moves for a particular session to suit the participants - I have covered a Les Mills Body Jam class, using Zumba with high energy tracks - it was an absolute hit - they loved it!

As well as Zumba Fitness, I run 3 Zumba Gold classes a week; 2 in gyms and 1 in the community. These classes are aimed at the older generation, those recoving from injury, or those new to fitness.

I provide ZUMBA fitness cover for the following gyms :